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Free Honey Bee Swarm Removal In The Nashville, TN Area


With spring finally here Honey Bees will start to swarm. This is a natural part of

the bees reproduction process and is not anything to get alarmed about. If you should

happen to come across a bee swarm PLEASE LEAVE THEM ALONE AND DO NOT SPRAY THEM

to avoid getting stung or killing the bees. Then give us a call and we will come remove

the swarm FREE of charge and place them in one of our apiaries.

Questions or SWARM REMOVAL call: 615-500-8810 or


If you have Honey Bees you need SAFELY removed we will be glad to help.  We will place a trap on your property and once the bees move in we will move the box to a new location allowing the bees to do what they do best and that is make honey and pollenate the world.

Tyler: 417-894-0974 or 615-500-8810

If you find a Honey Bee swarm please do not spray or kill the bees. 

They are very important for pollinating the food we eat. 

We will come and remove the swarm in most cases for free.

Call: 615-500-8810 or 417-894-0974

Ask for Tyler

We're local... ​​

Located in middle Tennessee, Battle Creek Honey Bees

caters to all levels and needs of beekeepers in the

 Nashville and surrounding areas by providing locally 

produced queens, nucs, and honey. 

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