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Our Stories

We’ve loved every minute of our journey together

Tyler's Story

Tyler's interest of beekeeping started as a kid in the late 70's.  His grandfather would take him to his hives out in the country where Tyler would watch through the truck window, while his grandfather would collect honey.  The best memory from those days was going back to his grandfather's house and eating comb honey on toast.  This fond memory sparked an interest in Tyler that would feed over into adulthood.  In the summer of 2016 Tyler loaded up our family and headed to pick up our first 4 hives.  By the end of 2017 we split our hives and grew our apiary to 19 hives.  By the spring of 2018 we realized that Tyler had an ability to successfully grow our apiary through self-sustaining beekeeping.  During this learning process, he developed the passion for graphing and raising queens.  By the summer 2019 we had grown the apiary to over 150 hives.

Kristin's Story

Kristin's love of bees came by working alongside Tyler as he became more interested in beekeeping.  With a love of nature already,  she was awe struck at how fascinating the bee world is; from the hierarchy of the hive, to rearing queens, to managing mites, hive beetles and diseases.  She never knew there was so much to learn about the honey bee.  Her curiosity continues to bloom through her quest of books, internet reading and attending local beekeepers club meetings.  Kristin helps Tyler with inspections, feedings, extractions and the upkeep of staying up-to-date of their growing apiaries.  She stays busy raising their family, volunteering, meeting other beekeepers and sharing her knowledge of this unique social organization of insects with students at local elementary schools. 

Our Family

We are the proud parents of two full-of-life country girls who love the outdoors.  On occasion they will don a bee suit and help with maintaining our fast-growing apiary. 

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